STILLS Mementos are crafted from a sketch and either engraved or enhanced in 3D.  

They are based on a graphical representation of a picture of the deceased.  

The sketch is created by one of our artists and augmented with the name, birthdate and date of death.

They become a unique piece of personal art and a memory for family and friends.

Mementos Product Information

Available in STILLS materials of 

- White Linen

- Bells Bronze 

- Night Steel

STILLS Mementos are produced in the United States, made with highly skilled craftsmanship and engraved with the STILLS symbol of authenticity.

Mementos are artistic and decorative pieces of Art with dimensions of 4.72 "x 2.76" x 0.20 and have a substantial feel. 

Affiliated Funeral Homes Earn Commissions

Funeral Home Commission is 30% of Memento Sales.

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Information for Funeral Directors

A New and Unique Service Offering

With unique and personalized Mementos from STILLS, funeral directors can offer a very special and tangible memory to their clients. 

​Extra Income, Little Effort

STILLS Mementos will enhance your profitability and fit within your regular service offerings.  STILLS will manage the entire process so it becomes a streamlined component to your services. You will receive a 30% commission from any product sales.

STILLS Mementos are Artistically Personalized

Our artists create a unique sketch from a picture of the deceased as the basis for the Memento, which becomes a tangible memory for family and friends.

Expedient Fulfillment

Mementos can be designed, developed and shipped within 2 to 3 days.

Optional dual-Branding is available

​The name of your funeral home can be engraved on the backside of the Mementos.

Funeral Home Program

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Please fill out contact form and we will be in touch shortly to provide further information and discuss the opportunity. If you prefer to call, please call Stacey at (703) 906 7768.