Uniquely Personalized and Distinctive Pieces of Art

A Tangible Memory - Personalized Artistic Sketch - Expedient Fulfillment

Priced as low as $24.99 each plus small artist fee.

Unique Artist Sketch based on a picture

Mementos are based on a graphical representation of a picture of the deceased.  The sketch is created by one of our artists and augmented with the name, birthdate and date of death.

They are crafted from this sketch and either engraved or enhanced in 3D.  They become a unique piece of personal art as a memory for family and friends.

Choose from several materials

They are available in STILLS materials of Bells Bronze, White Linen, Night Steel with Bronze Onlay and Night Steel.

Stills Mementos are produced in the United States, made with highly skilled craftsmanship and engraved with the STILLS symbol of authenticity.

Mementos are artistic and decorative pieces of Art with dimensions of 4.72 "x 2.76" x 0.20 and have a substantial feel.


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